October 8, 2015
Star Tell Me Pastor

Man deliberately spreading AIDS in Jamaica?
“Dear Pastor, We are familiar with your work and thought you would be the best person with whom to raise this issue. A very good friend of ours visited Jamaica in the past year and met a man.. read more
Sharing a bed with my Christian boyfriend

Dear Pastor, I am a 26-year-old Christian. I live with my brother and his girlfriend. My boyfriend sleeps over once a week. He is also a Christian.

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Annoyed with my paranoid wife

Dear Pastor, I listen to your show every night. My wife is a nurse. When she is on duty, I am here alone and I know some of your callers well.

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I only get an erection for one of my women

Dear Pastor, I have two women in my life. One is 45 and the other is 25. I find that I cannot get an erection when I want to have sex with the woman who is 25...

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