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Monday | May 14, 2012
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8 months pregnant ... but my parents don't know

Dear Pastor,

I am an 18-year-old who got pregnant by a friend. He does not want the child because he has another babymother. I am eight months pregnant and I am going to school. I do not want any children now and if my parents find out, they are going to stop maintaining me and I want to go to college.

I am thinking about having an abortion. However, if you could find a family that wants this child, please contact me so I can give it to them.

Pregnant Student

Dear Pregnant Student,

I regret hearing that you are pregnant. However, I am wondering whether the pregnancy is eight months old and your parents are still not aware of it. I hope you are not trying to tie down your belly, so to speak. You need to inform your parents immediately. They will not kill you. They would naturally be very disappointed and may even curse you for a few days, but if they love you, they would stand by you and help you.


I repeat, tell your parents that you are pregnant. Give them the name of the young man who has impregnated you. Don't even think of an abortion. The pregnancy is already advanced and it would be unwise for any doctor to terminate the pregnancy. Your own health could also be in danger.

Believe me, my dear, you will always remember the mistake that you have made, but be comforted with the thought that everyone makes mistakes. The man who got you pregnant does not care about you. If he did, he would not have got you pregnant and he would not be encouraging you to do an abortion at this very late stage. He is a wicked man.

After you have had your baby, return to school. And ask your parents whether you should keep the baby or give it up for adoption.


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